Commercial Contracting Services: Hot Wire, LLC

The Hot Wire Story

Hot Wire Electric was started in 1990 and has been providing superior electrical contracting services for more than 20 years. During this time, Hot Wire has expanded quickly to meet the unique needs of clients in and outside of Alaska.  

In 2004 Hot Wire expanded with the creation of Hot Wire Communications, a specialty general contractor providing labor, materials, and the design/build of structural cabling and communications systems.  Hot Wire, Inc. (Hot Wire) was also created to serve as the parent corporation for Hot Wire Electric and Hot Wire Communications. A year later, in 2005, Hot Wire acquired Electric Inc. (EI) an electrical contractor established in 1960 specializing in vertical construction with proven expertise in complex systems and work environments.  Today, EI, now known as Electric International, LLC, has emerged as a dominate player in the hospital niche market for general contractor design-build and construction management. 

Started in 1973 and acquired by Hot Wire in 2007, Redi Electric and its division, Redi Data Solutions, provide complete and innovative design-build services for commercial, institutional, industrial, and military projects, as well as inside residential and commercial electrical services.  

Later in 2007, Hot Wire became 55% owner of Alaska Power & Communications Services, LLC (AKPower),  a newly formed company created initially to provide electrical and telecommunications services to British Petroleum (BP) and Conoco Philips facilities on Alaska’s North slope. Today, in addition to its maintenance contracts with BP and Conoco Philips, AK Power provides an array of electrical and telecommunications services throughout Alaska. 

In 2011, Chenega Corporation, an Alaska Native Village Corporation with a successful global presence in federal contracting, acquired Hot Wire, Inc. and its five subsidiaries, effectively expanding Chenega’s portfolio of contract services into the electrical and communications markets, and launching Hot Wire into the global electrical contracting marketplace. 

Through the acquisition, Hot Wire has retained its leadership and the core values and mission that have been its trademark for success since 1960. Today, as a subsidiary of Chenega Corporation, Hot Wire and its family of companies can leverage Chenega’s extensive bonding capacity, working capital, and in certain markets, Chenega’s Small Business Administration Native 8 (a) government contracting status. Each of these attributes further distinguishes Hot Wire in the markets where they have proven success today, and, serve as a catalyst for opportunity in the federal contracting arena nation-wide and beyond.